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PC Applications
The application programs we are offering are full-working versions and not crippled in any way. Please don't be mislead by its price and think that they are loosely assembled; in fact, they are proven to be useful utilities and are designed to help you in your daily chores. They are all network ready and will work in multi-user environment. Each one of the sample programs would have to be installed into your local hard drive in order to function properly.
Please read the Program License and Warranty section on the later part of this page. If you agree to the terms and conditions referred to, you may continue to install any or all of the sample programs.
All the provided programs when installed, include an Uninstall process that will attempt to remove all the related files/directories from your system. However, it is your responsibility that all the software related files and directories are deleted from your system.
Open - it will install the program direct from the CD.
Save - it will copy the program setup file to your local drive. Run the program setup file from the folder/directory where it was saved.
Cancel - do not save or open the file.
Useful PC Utilities for Your Daily Chores !
To install any of the programs, just click on the corresponding link. On the File Download dialog window, select one of the following:
Note: In most cases, you should be logged in as administrator to be able to successfully perform the installation.
Sample data provided are fictitious and any similarities to actual names and/or persons are purely coincidental.
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