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Filipinas life reunion
What's in the DVD ?

Slide shows, which you can watch on your TV with a DVD player connected, of images
taken at several reunion events for former Filipinas Life/Ayala Life employees. Among them
are the following:

At Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati on November 5, 2004.
At Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati on November 13, 2013 with photos taken by Dante
Castillo and Emma Errazo.
At TGIF, New Brunswick, NJ on December 28, 2013.

The above mentioned shows can also be viewed on a computer screen using the default
Windows Media Player or any compatible video player programs. There is also an additional
executable which you can run on your computer. Just 'Double Click' on the filename with
an extension 'exe' under the folder 'Executables'.

There is a separate folder for files of the individual reunion events which you can transfer
to your favorite tablet, iPad or Smartphone so you can view them anywhere and anytime
you wish.

Who's Behind This Project ?

It was a joint venture with Bobby Errazo and a few others who contributed the images taken at
the various events. When I saw the pictures, which were posted at the FLAG Facebook page, I
suggested that a DVD should be made to consolidate all the images and make a wonderful
presentation of the memorable occasion. There were some encouraging comments to proceed so I
contacted Bobby Errazo, 'The Man with a Big Heart'  and solicited his comments. He immediately
agreed and arranged that we meet to workout the details. After a sumptuous dinner with Tina,
Gus & Aida Santos, all former FL'ers, and Emma Errazo, I gathered all the available images and
started with the project. It went through numerous and major iterations before we were able to
streamline and finalize the design, from the Show Menu, background music, color scheme,
transition effects, to the DVD label.

He ordered 25 copies of the DVD and will soon be shipped to our dear friends and fellow FL'ers.
Now, if you are interested in owning one for yourself, the DVD is available at cost as we have
honestly assessed, considering the following factors:

50 count of printable DVD is $32.00 with additional charge of $9.95 for shipping/handling;
average cost per DVD = $0.85.

The printer that I am using to print directly unto the DVD has ten (10) cartridges which
cost $14.99 per cartridge. If I can print 100 out of the cartridges, that's an average of
$1.50 per DVD.

It takes almost 12 minutes to burn and print the label on one DVD. That's an average of 5
DVDs per hour. At my extra-ordinary low rate (way below the prevailing and industry trade
rate) of $40.00 per hour, I'll let you do the math.

My normal set-up charge for this kind of project is $60.00 regardless of the size and
number of images. It includes minor image enhancements and adjustments such as
cropping, brightness, sharpening, etc.

Scanning of pictures from prints are extra $1.00 per image.

Fine-tuning of the background music and synchronizing it with the slides was a pretty
extensive effort. Another time-consuming activity was cleaning-up of the video and and
proper placement within the presentation.

Now, how much really is the DVD ?

You will be pleasantly surprised that we are charging only $5.00 for a single DVD. To
accommodate our friends back in the Philippines, it will cost them PHP 200.00. Shipping and
handling charge will be extra and added accordingly, also at cost. We recommend somebody in
the Philippines to co-ordinate the orders so we can ship in bulk thereby reducing further the
shipping cost.

When you carefully consider the above factors, we are confident that you will agree with us that
the price is very reasonable and that we are not doing this project as a profitable business
proposition but rather our willingness to share with you a souvenir that you will cherish forever ...
A long lasting memorabilia that you will love to have and share, as former colleagues of Filipinas
Life / Ayala Life.

Please Contact Us at http://philcanam.com/contactus.html  if you are interested and ready to
order your copy of the DVD.
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