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Almost every song available is protected by a copyright. In general, this means that you must own the song in order to use it and places limitations in terms of how you may use the song. In order to prevent copyright infringement, you may either send the original CD with the song(s) you wish to use or confirm that you have purchased the song(s) from an online music store such as iTunes or Rhapsody. By agreeing to our terms of service, customers agree that they have purchased and possess an orginal copy of all music used in their video slideshow. Copyright laws limits the use of video slideshows and the songs used in the shows to personal use.  Please visit our Song Suggestions page.
In order to present your video slideshow on a large screen, you will need an LCD projector and a DVD player. Your video slideshow DVD will play on most stand-alone DVD players as well as computer DVD players. Many venues will have access to the equipment you will need to present your show, so contacting them may be your first step. Once you have the required equipment, presenting the show is as simple as pushing the play button.
Defining Moments.US uses standard DVD-R discs, which has been found to be compatible with approximatley 93-95% of DVD players. However, Contact Us if you have specific information regarding supported formats for your DVD player. If your DVD player was purchased in the last few years you should have no problem, but please check your DVD player manual for information on supported formats or check the this link (DVD Players) for more information . Because of the steps we take to ensure compatibality, Defining Moments.US cannot provide refunds for DVD incompatibility.
There is a flat fee of $20 Priority (3-5 days) and $30 Next Day for shipping to addresses within the continental United States. Please Contact Us to obtain shipping and handling rates for other form of delivery and for international orders.
Right now, we will accept money orders, cashier's check or personal checks only. Many find using Paypal a convenient option because you do not have to open a Paypal account to process a credit card order through Paypal, but we don't have that option yet. An Invoice will be e-mailed to you after you complete the Order Form that will provide you with specific instructions regarding payment options and process. Production of your Slideshow cannot begin until full payment is received.
You can scan the photos yourself or have it done at a local photo lab, and then send the photos to us on a CD-R. Please make sure that the photo files are saved in a .jpeg, .jpg, or .bmp format. Alternatively, we can scan them for you for $.75 per photograph when you send us the original photos. Please review the Order Now Guide to obtain more specific instructions.
Production of your slideshow will take approximatley 2 weeks after Defining Moments.US has received all of the necessary information. If there is a rush on your order please notify us and we will try to accomodate your request if possible.
Definitely! We encourge you to come up with an original idea and allow us to incorporate it into your slideshow. There are many options to consider, such as themes, backgrounds, music selection, transitions, text effects, and much more. We will work with you in developing and finalizing your ideas in order to create your one of a kind slideshow.
Q:  Can I customize my video slideshow?
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Q:  What are the shipping and handling fees?
Q:  How do I know if my video will play on my DVD player?
Q:  Can I choose any song I want?
Q:  How can I present my video slideshow to a large audience?
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